When car batteries need replaced there are a few tell tale signs that let you know when a replacement is due. If your battery experiences any of the below descriptions, then you may need a replacement:

  • Your battery is older than 4-5 years (the average car battery life)

  • You notice the engine struggling to turn over upon ignition (long cranks)

  • You see a new indicator light illuminated on your dashboard (dashboard)

  • Your headlights dim when you turn on your heater or air conditioning (losing power)

  • You see white, blue, or orange fuzz forming around your battery (corrosion)

The experts at Tow U  Later know when it's the right time to get that battery replaced, we have tools that can identify if a battery need to be replaced or if it just needs a good charge. Our technicians can install a battery in minutes and get you home in no time. if you've noticed that your battery is experiencing any of the problems above, give us a quick call and we will be there in minutes. 

Our services are offered 24/7, to people in Salt Lake City Utah and Surrounding Area. 

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